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SciName Finder™

 Updated 2022-04-09

 About SciName Finder™

The SciName Finder™ has been created as tool to search scientific and vernacular/common names of plants and animals - and especially concerning the update of the LanguaL™ thesaurus.
As the search tool may have more general uses, Danish Food Informatics provides the SciName Finder™ tool free of charge to other users.


Simple Search Interface

The SciName Finder™ search interface is very simple and only a few parameters, scientific name or common name, can be chosen. In addition, there is a choice to search on only valid taxons, i.e. only preferred/stabilized names will be shown in the search result, or all taxons, where all records - both valid taxons and invalid taxons (synonyms and misspellings) - will be shown.

The SciName Finder™ search is based on the search term entered and the result will be all records in the connected database(s) that contain the search term in either scientific name or common name, e.g. a search on "gadus" in scientific name will generate a list of all records containing "gadus" in the scientific name:

The seach results are always listed with the scientific name as entry. The scientific name is given with the record number in the originating database, e.g. ITIS TSN, FAO AFSIS 3-alpha-code, etc.

If the scientific name is preferred/stabilized, i.e. the scientific name is currently in force (Status: Valid, valid, accepted), the record number will link back to the originating databases for all possible records.

In the case that the status of the term is non-preferred, i.e. invalid, not accepted, the scientific name is a synonym of a preferred scientific name (or a spelling mistake by original author(s)). All comments, e.g. on the status of the scientific name, is given with the terminology used in the originating database. Therefore, explanations should be traced in the originating database given by the link after after the comment.

The search results can be sorted by scientific name, kingdom (animalia, plantae, etc.) and originating database.



LanguaL™ stands for "Langua aLimentaria" or "language of food". It is an automated method for describing, capturing and retrieving data about food. The LanguaL thesaurus is a multilingual thesaural system using facetted classification. Each food is described by a set of standard, controlled terms chosen from facets characteristic of the nutritional and/or hygienic quality of a food, as for example the biological origin, the methods of cooking and conservation, and technological treatments.

One challenge concerning multilingual thesauri is the multiplicity of natural languages: corresponding terms of different languages are not always semantically equivalent. It was chosen to render LanguaL™ language-independent, to be used in the USA and Europe for numeric data banks on food composition (nutrients and contaminants), food consumption and legislation.

As part of the LanguaL™ update, it has been decided from version 2010 to document most plant and seafood names in LanguaL™ with the corresponding scientific names and provide links to the authoritative resources in these areas. This process is ongoing.

In addition, LanguaL™ publishes the multi-lingual thesaurus in the languages in which the LanguaL thesaurus or parts of it is currently is available, i.e. Czech, Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Hungarian.

For more information about LanguaL™ and the LanguaL™ thesaurus, see the LanguaL™ website.



Danish Food informatics and SciName Finder™ cannot take responsibility concerning the precision, the succession, the opportuneness or the completeness of the data from the authoritative sources listed above.

Danish Food Informatics and SciName Finder™ undertake no responsibility of the presented data and the following use thereof, including use in software and link from other web sites. Danish Food Informatics and SciName Finder™ accepts no responsibility with regard to such problems incurred as a result of using this site or any linked external sites. Likewise, Danish Food Informatics and SciName Finder™ undertakes no liability to pay any damages neither direct nor indirect losses, including but not limited to loss of profits.

The information presented on this web site is solely intended for general information - and ease of finding information in the authoritative sources.



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