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 Updated 2019-01-27

 Search for scientific and common names of plants and animals

SciName Finder™ is a search tool for scientific/common names of plants and animals written by Anders Møller, Danish Food Information  -  current databases connected: Australian Fish Names Standard® AS SSA 5300-2009, CEC 1993, Danish Plant Name List 2003, eBASIS/EuroFIR Nettox Plant List 2007, European Fisheries Regulations (No 1637/2001, No 1638/2001, No216/2009, No 217/2009, No 218/2009), FAO AFSIS, FishBase 2004, 2010 FDA Seafood List, FDA Regulatory Fish Encyclopedia, ITIS, Mammal Species of the World (3rd Ed.), USDA ARS GRIN, USDA PLANTS.
For more information about the data sources, see the Authoritative Sources.

The SciName Finder™ database currently contains 1263343 scientific and common/vernacular names.

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Knipowitschia panizzae (Verga, 1841)
CEC Id:1045
Vernacular name(s)Danish:Panizzas kutling
 Dutch:Panizza's grondel
 English:lagoon goby, Panizza's goby
 French:gobie de Panizza, gobie de lagune
 German:Ghiozzo, Panizza-Grundel
 Italian:ghiozzetto di'laguna
 Portuguese:caboz italiano
 Spanish:góbido italiano

Knipowitschia panizzae (Verga, 1841)
FishBase ID:25978
Vernacular name(s)Albanian:Barburiqi
 Greek:Evinogovios, Ευηνογωβιός
 Italian:Ghiozzetto di laguna, Buffaroreddu, Ghiozzetto lagunare, Maccioneddu buffarori
 Mandarin Chinese:帕氏奈波鰕虎魚
 Polish:Babka włoska
 Slovene:Lagunski glavaè

Knipowitschia panizzae (Verga, 1841)
FishBase ID:Synonym 59189
Status:Invalidnew combination, see Knipowitschia panizzae (Verga, 1841) [FishBase 25978]

Knipowitschia panizzae (Verga, 1841)
ITIS TSN:172140
Vernacular name(s)English:lagoon goby
 unspecified:lagoon goby

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