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SciName Finder™

 Updated 2022-11-10

 Search for scientific and common names of plants and animals

SciName Finder™ is a search tool for scientific/common names of plants and animals written by Anders Møller, Danish Food Informatics  -  current databases connected: Australian Fish Names Standard® AS SSA 5300-2009, CEC 1993, Danish Plant Name List 2003, eBASIS/EuroFIR Nettox Plant List 2007, European Fisheries Regulations (No 1637/2001, No 1638/2001, No216/2009, No 217/2009, No 218/2009), FAO AFSIS, FishBase 2004, 2010 FDA Seafood List, FDA Regulatory Fish Encyclopedia, ITIS, Mammal Species of the World (3rd Ed.), USDA ARS GRIN, USDA PLANTS.
For more information about the data sources, see the Authoritative Sources.

The SciName Finder™ database currently contains 1263343 scientific and common/vernacular names.

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Citrus nobilis Andrews
GRIN Nomen:102884
Status:InvalidSynonym, see Citrus reticulata Blanco [GRIN 10778]

Citrus nobilis Andrews
ITIS TSN:511077
Status:not accepteddatabase artifact, see Citrus reticulata Blanco [ITIS 28888]

Citrus nobilis Andrews
Status:Invalidsynonym of Citrus reticulata Blanco [PLANTS CIRE3]

Citrus nobilis Lour.
Danish Plant Name list:8701
Vernacular name(s)Danish:ædel orange

Citrus nobilis Lour.
Status:InvalidSynonym, see Citrus reticulata Blanco

Citrus nobilis Lour.
GRIN Nomen:10759
Vernacular name(s)English:King of Siam, king orange, tangor
 French:roi de Siam, mandarinier king
 Japanese Rōmaji:kunenbo

Citrus nobilis Lour.
ITIS TSN:506397
Status:not acceptedsynonym of Citrus X nobilis Lour. [ITIS 825204]
Vernacular name(s)English:tangor

Citrus nobilis Lour.
Vernacular name(s)English:tangor

Citrus nobilis var. deliciosa (Ten.) Swingle
GRIN Nomen:10760
Status:InvalidSynonym, see Citrus deliciosa Ten. [GRIN 314340]

Citrus nobilis var. genshokan Hayata
GRIN Nomen:314349
Status:InvalidSynonym, see Citrus genshokan (Hayata) hort. ex Tanaka [GRIN 314348]

Citrus nobilis var. papillaris (Blanco) Wester
GRIN Nomen:10761
Status:InvalidSynonym, see Citrus papillaris Blanco [GRIN 10770]

Citrus nobilis var. ponki Hayata
GRIN Nomen:314353
Status:InvalidSynonym, see Citrus ponki (Hayata) hort. ex Tanaka [GRIN 10775]

Citrus nobilis var. sunki Hayata
GRIN Nomen:314356
Status:InvalidSynonym, see Citrus sunki (Hayata) hort. ex Tanaka [GRIN 314355]

Citrus nobilis var. unshiu Swingle
GRIN Nomen:10762
Status:InvalidSynonym, see Citrus unshiu Marcow. [GRIN 10793]

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